Places: Zambia is Open!

5 October 2020

We are delighted to share the feedback from Dr. Sabine Marten on their safari to Zambia in September 2020 after lockdown. These clients booked through our partners in Germany, Afrikarma and were our first international clients since March. They did a private charter safari to Busanga Plains (staying at Busanga Plains Camp), South Luangwa (staying at Tafika and Kaingo Camp), Lower Zambezi (staying at Chongwe Suites and Sausage Tree Camp) and Livingstone (staying at Royal Livingstone Hotel).

Why to go during a pandemic on safari?

On safari it is super easy to follow the Corona-rules:

Social distancing:

There are already less people in the camps

You stay outside whole day: fresh air, lot of space, so the virus has no chance to spread out

To keep distance is easy, because of the space you have everywhere and even on game drive vehicles: they are open and you have 1 seat in between to the next person

You sit on separate tables for all meals


Every camp has a lot of sanitizing solutions: They use santizer before and after every meeting, meal, game drive… you feel a bit like in hospital!

Everyone is wearing face masks.

The rooms are sprayed after every guest.

So if you ask me: being in the Bush is the safest place on earth during this time.

What is special about Zambia?

The people in Zambia are one of the most friendly people in this world. Before Corona they were already great hosts. But now with corona they are even better. They treat you like royalty and try everything to make you happy. We never felt unsafe or in danger. The people have of course less money than before Corona, but they stick together and help each other, so that the level of crime is not rising. 

The entry is easy: in our case we just needed a Corona test 72 hours before we arrived. The Visa you get as usual at the airport. No problem at all! Ethiopian Air was flying during the whole pandemic, so the risk of getting stuck if anything goes wrong is very low.

The airports are even more strict than our German airports: Face masks everywhere, you have to keep distance to others and someone is offering sanitizer every few meters.


Lion outside room in Busanga Our welcome in South Luangwa Walking in South Luangwa Tiger Fishing Canoeing with Elephant between Chongwe and Sausage Tree Devils Pool Busanga Plains Leopard in South Luangwa

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