Tusk & Mane - Chula Camp

Lower Zambezi

Tusk and Mane is an owner operated safari operation offering a back to nature wilderness adventure. Owners Kyle Branch and Luke Evans both have extensive experience and knowledge of both Zambia and the Lower Zambezi National Park and either Luke or Kyle will on hand to host each safari.

The primary focus of a Tusk & Mane safari is the wilderness itself.  An experience that takes you back in time to those legendary “Hemingway” escapades in a part of Africa that will reconnect you with nature and replenish your senses. They offer flexible safaris currently between two Fly Camps in the heart of the lower Zambezi national park. The camps are simple with old style luxury camping, under the stars and around the campfire. 

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Tusk & Mane - Chula Camp

In the remote, eastern part of the Lower Zambezi National Park, on the Discovery or Katengahumba Island separated from mainland by the Discovery channels. The camp is situated amongst Natal Mahogany Trees overlooking a lagoon and floodplain off the Zambezi River. Located 15 minutes from Jeki.


5 Guest Tents designed to make the most of the Lower Zambezi environment.
The tent are fully mobile. Features include:
Reinforced mosquito net
Ensuite individual bathrooms - with Bucket shower, Vanity Table with sink and flushing toilets


Exterior of Tent View of Bathroom Inside Tent View From Tent

Central dining area
Central lounge and bar 
Central Area overlooking the Flood plain and lagoon and further to the river. 
There is a lagoon hide to watch game up close


Breakfast Fire Dining Campfire Private Dining

Major focus on Walks on the island, Canoeing and Boating. 

Game Drives are possible but involve boating back to the mainland to meet a vehicle.

Boating Walking Safari Canoeing Birding Moon Rise Tea Break Buffalo Leopard

Children of 14 years and older are welcome
Children of 14 years are permitted on canoe and walking safaris.
TUSK & MANE PRIVATE CAMP: Children of all ages allowed when camp is booked on private basis, age restrictions apply on activities
No Family Unit but tents are large enough to fit two single beds inside with parents

1 May - 30 November

Conservation Lower Zambezi member

Solar power with battery charging in main area
No Wi-Fi

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