Tongole Wilderness Lodge

Nkhotakota Reserve

Tongole Wilderness Lodge is nestled deep amongst the breathtaking Miombo woodlands of the 1,800km² Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve. The lodge sits on the picturesque banks of the Bua River. Famous for being home to the Mpasa (Lake Salmon) who run up the river to spawn. The river is part of many of the activities available at Tongole.

Tongole is unique in being one of only two lodges in the reserve with Tongole being the more luxury of the two. Their vision has always been to create a stunning wilderness lodge that will create life long memories for their guests. But their passion lies in using the benefits of a successful travel destination to help fund local projects. Focusing on education, conservation, health and economic empowerment.


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Tongole Wilderness Lodge

Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve on the banks of the Bua River. Approximately 4 hour road transfer from Lilongwe or a 30 minute charter flight followed by a 10 minute drive to the lodge


There are 4 Riverside Suites and 1 Riverside Family Cottage

Rooms are built from red earth, rock, wood and thatch. 2 Suites have king-size beds and 2 suites have twin beds. Other Room features include:

En Suite Bathrooms with solar hot water, shower and a large hand-built sunken bath (which can double as a plunge-pool 'with a view' during the day)
Lovely outdoor wooden deck with incredible views
Wrought iron windows and doors
Mosquito nets are huge and Bedouin in style

The Cottage is ideal for families or couples wanting the extra space and privacy. Features include:

2 bedrooms
A spacious lounge
Dining room
Private deck area overlooking the river

Double Chalet Twin Chalet Bathroom Bathroom

Restaurant, Lounge and bar
Swimming Pool
Small gift shop

Campfire Dining Area Main Area Swimming Pool

Inclusive activities include game walks, canoeing, fishing, scenic drives, community visits and fly camping

Fishing Canoeing Mountain Climb Mountain View

Children aged 8 years and older are welcome (younger are accepted if the whole lodge is booked)

The Riverside Family Suite is ideal for families


Open all year round

Many people in the Nkhotakota district of Malawi, live in extreme poverty; The Tongole Foundation was set up to meet the social, economic and environmental needs of the some of the most vulnerable communities within the region through education, training and employment, whilst encouraging support for the protection of the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve.

The foundation focuses on two core objectives:

  • To create a sustainable business (Tongole Wilderness Lodge), creating desperately rare employment and training opportunities in a deprived part of Malawi.
  • To found a children’s education charity that provides support to local schools

Sustainable business
The Wilderness Lodge took over two years to build, creating over 100 jobs for local tradesmen during that time. Once the lodge was complete, over 30 people from the local community were employed on a full-time basis. Typically for every employed person, twenty people are directly affected!

Children’s charity
The Tongole Foundation initially supports three local schools (with long-term aims to include more). Currently the foundation is working with The Mwalawatongole F.P. School, Wozi J.P. School and Chankhokwe F.P. School and using the funds provided by the foundation, work has included vital storm-damage repairs to classrooms and school buildings, mending the school roof and installation of toilet blocks.

Through employment and the education, The Tongole Foundation actively works to reduce the poaching rate in the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, promoting the conservation of endangered species and there are currently discussions underway to reintroduce a few species of wildlife back into the region.

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Tongole Community Tongole Community Tongole Community Tongole Community

Power Source is solar and generator

WIFI available in the main area

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